Pool Workouts – Magnolia Masters holds twelve (12) weekly training sessions in an indoor 16 lane 25 yard pool and an outdoor 6 lane pool.  We provide individualized coaching and assign lanes based on fitness and ability.  The goal of the program is to make everyone from top level pro triathletes to those looking to do their first triathlon and fitness swimmers comfortable and welcome.  The program is a fun and supportive environment that looks to give the best possible coaching for triathlon, open water swimmers and Masters swimmers.  For new members or returning members there is a $50 sign up fee.  Team dues are to be paid on the 1st of every month.  It is your responsibility to notify Magnolia Masters 1 week before the next billing cycle to cancel your subscription. You can find instructions for canceling your subscription here.

  Cost: $105/month for all practices (For cost analysis, if you swim 3x/week = $7.50 swim; 4x/week  = $5.50 swim)  

Cost: $20 Drop In Fee

New and Returning Members Registration Fee – $50

Any changes to the schedule are posted on the Magnolia Masters Facebook page.


Private Stroke Analysis – These are 30 minute sessions working one on one with the coach. During the session your stroke will be filmed and discussed.  Then you will go through a series of drill work to target specific issues identified from the filming.  These sessions coupled with consistent training can dramatically improve swim efficiency. Cost: $50/30minutes



Remote Coaching: For those that cannot make it to practice with the team, we can devise customized training plans that are tailored to meet your specific goals for swimming.  We will provide you with feedback on your progress and training sessions. This can be an effective way to improve your swimming.  Cost: $150/month


Integrated Flow Coaching: Magnolia Masters worked with Focusband to integrate the neuro-feedback and in-motion technology of the Focusband into endurance training.  The athlete will learn how to train their brain and body to work together to achieve peak performance and learn how to train and race in a “flow” state.  We have trained athletes in swimming, triathlon and ultra-distance running with the Focusband to significant performance gains.  Cost: $250/month